Global Sustainability Council

“Marketing communications, which have improved people’s access to goods, services, healthcare and comfortable lifestyles in the past century, can be the driving force for sustainable transformation in this century. Our industry possesses unmatched potential to steer minds and behaviors towards a more sustainable direction, but this can only be achieved if we act together.”

- Hervé de Clerck

Chair, Global Sustainability Council

Enough of words, pledges, and claims. Now is the time for action on sustainability.

Our industry is more than capable of moving minds and changing behaviors to help the planet survive and humanity thrive. Yet we will only succeed if we put our egos aside and take action together.

From how we use and produce media to how we shape our advertising to how we ultimately engage individuals, companies, organizations, communities and countries. When it comes to fighting the climate emergency, social inequalities and economic disparity, every message and every action matters. And when we act together, anything is possible.

As the Global Compass of the marketing communications industry, IAA is uniquely positioned to collaborate with people from all over the marketing and marketing communications industry (Brands, Agencies, Media, Tech) which daily reaches and influences the global population.

Who we are

Established in 2021 and launched at Cannes Lions in 2022, the Global Sustainability Council is a community of marketing and marketing communications professionals united by the belief that what’s good, is good for business.

Committed to IAA’s mission, we serve the collective interests of the entire marketing communications profession – connecting marketers, advertising agencies, media, PR firms, tech-companies and educators envisioning how brands and business can be a force for good and actively shape a sustainable future…. For everyone.

Our role

The Global Sustainability Council’s role is to drive global change through collaboration and to identify innovative programs, exchange experiences, best practices and creative advocacy that can strengthen all parties in success.

We deliver this through a global platform for progress, facilitating leaders across the industry to come together on tangible change programs, research, education, advocacy, best practice, impact measurement, ultimately facilitating better collaboration and growing impact.

Our agenda and impact

During our first year, we launched the Global Sustainability Perceptions Value Index in partnership with Brand Finance. Based on consumer perceptions of environmental and social responsibility the index ties financial value to a brand’s reputation for acting sustainably – emphasizing how doing good is now a requirement success.

Sustainability Council Partners

How to get involved and shape a sustainable future

Join an influential global community of peers in marketing and marketing communications framing the future for sustainability across the industry and reap the benefits of Membership.

Help set the agenda for and governance of the Global Sustainability Council as we enter our second year.


Launched in Davos in January 2023, the International Advertising Association proudly presents: The Brand Sustainability Perception Index - 2023!

In association with the IAA, Brand Finance reveals a first of its kind, global study covering 36 countries and 4,000 brands that places a financial value on a brand's reputation for sustainability.

As consumers become more aware of environmental and social issues, they are increasingly taking into account a company's sustainability practices when making purchasing decisions. If a company is perceived as not being environmentally or socially responsible, it may lead to negative perceptions of the brand and ultimately result in a decrease in sales and customer loyalty. CMOs should therefore consider incorporating sustainability, in an authentic way, into their marketing strategies to appeal to conscious consumers and mitigate brand value erosion.

Brand Finance Strategy and Sustainability Director Robert Haigh commented, “For the first time, companies can now see the financial value that is tied to a reputation for acting sustainably. Whether they are seen as sustainability champions or not, the world’s biggest brands have hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of value contingent on how sustainable they are perceived to be”

Report reveals consumers are fairly trusting of brand's sustainability related communication, with 62% believing claims about sustainability made by brands.

However, 79% of consumers also said that they had reduced their use of a brand having discovered it was acting in an unsustainable way, reinforcing the imperative for brands to communicate clearly, authentically and accurately. So #greenwashing is a risky business.

Commenting on the report, Sasan Saeidi, the IAA's World President & Chairman said: "We're extremely proud to be associated with Brand Finance on the release of its first Sustainability Perception Index in Davos. We want to ensure sustainability becomes an even bigger focal point for us at IAA in 2023".

Sasan added: "Measuring the sustainability perception of some of the world's biggest brands is quite unique as it opens up areas of self-reflection as a means to assess progress or the dialing up of efforts. We need more brands to commit authentically to the sustainability cause and this report from Brand Finance really helps us put the topic of sustainability into perspective".

Dagmara Szulce, Managing Director, IAA Global commented, “We see this as an incredibly potent tool to incentivize action against the UN SDGs and wider aims of the UNGC. By highlighting the financial value that is contingent on sustainability perceptions, we hope to harness businesses’ profit motive, moving them past the point where they see sustainability as a ‘hygiene factor’, to a point of rapid, concerted action.”


Dubai, UAE: December 2023. The UAE Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) held elections for a new board of directors on Tuesday, 31st October. The recent elections saw members of the industry exercise their right to vote. The newly elected board of directors will steer the UAE chapter of the International Advertising Association for the 2023-2025 term.

The new board’s mission is to support the case for creativity, communication, and advertising in the UAE, helping to expand best practice and in turn effect a positive impact on the UAE industry. Its breadth of membership enables the IAA UAE to speak for the UAE marketing communications industry as a whole.

The board is made up of 17 members with four board elected officer positions.

1. PRESIDENT Nassib Boueri Chief Executive Officer (MENA)
Wunderman Thompson
2. VICE PRESIDENT Douglas Palau Managing Partner
Vitamin C Media
Media International Services Gulf LLC
4. GENERAL SECRETARY Halim Sader Managing Director
DigiNet Arabia - A member of Choueiri Group
5. HONORARY BOARD EXECUTIVE Majed Al Suwaidi Managing Director
Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City
7. BOARD EXECUTIVE Youssef Gadallah Head of Creative Agency Partnership and Creative Consultancy
TikTok, Bytedance
8. BOARD EXECUTIVE Walid Stephan Head of Agencies- MEN
9. BOARD EXECUTIVE Nathalie Gevresse Chief Executive Officer
Publicis Communications
11. BOARD EXECUTIVE Jad Rabahi Managing Director
12. BOARD EXECUTIVE Jake Thomas Head of UAE
13. BOARD EXECUTIVE Stephen King Senior Lecturer in Media
Middlesex University – Dubai
14. BOARD EXECUTIVE Tony Wazen Chief Executive Officer - MENA
Publicis Media
15. BOARD EXECUTIVE Tarek Miknas Chief Executive Officer
Fortune Promoseven
16. BOARD EXECUTIVE Dany Naaman Chief Executive Officer
Havas Middle East FZ-LLC
17. BOARD EXECUTIVE Houda Tohme Chief Executive Officer
Havas Media Middle East FZ-LLC

Nassib Boueri, Chief Executive Officer (MENA), Wunderman Thompson, elected President of the IAA UAE said: "I am very pleased with the recent board elections and honored to be a part of this distinguished and diverse industry team. The 2023-2025 IAA UAE board will continue to focus on inspiring and empowering talented young professionals within our industry and building stronger collaboration between clients, media, agencies, and government with the aim of advancing standards and growth prospects for the entire industry".


Established in 1979, The IAA UAE is proud to be one of the largest IAA chapters in the world, reflecting the dynamic growth of the UAE’s advertising, marketing, and communications industries.

The IAA UAE is a partnership, supported by a broad membership of advertising, media, marketing & related services and media educators.

To build an eco-system that inspires, engages, and nurtures young aspiring talent to assist in the growth of the UAE Advertising Media and Communications industry.

  • Youssef Gadallah:- Head of Creative Agency Partnership and Creative Consultancy TikTok, Bytedance
  • Nathalie Gevresse:- Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Communications
  • Jake Thomas:- Head of UAE, Snapchat
  • Dany Naaman:- Chief Executive Officer, Havas Middle East FZ-LLC
  • Jad Rabahi:- Managing Director, Impact BBDO UAE
  • Houda Tohme:- Chief Executive Officer, Havas Media Middle East FZ-LLC
  • Tarek Miknas:- Chief Executive Officer, Fortune Promoseven
  • Amer El Hajj:- CEO, GroupM MENA
  • Majed Al Suwaidi:- Managing Director, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City
  • Nassib Boueri:- Chief Executive Officer (MENA), Wunderman Thompson
  • Halim Sader:- Managing Director, DigiNet Arabia - A member of Choueiri Group
  • Douglas Palau:- Managing Partner, Vitamin C Media
  • Walid Stephan:- Head of Agencies- MENA, Google
  • Marwan Kai:- CEO, Media International Services Gulf LLC
  • Fadi Yaish:- CEO & CCO, And Us FZ LLC
  • Tony Wazen:- Chief Executive Officer – MENA, Publicis Media

Priya Azaredo
International Advertising Association
UAE Dubai Media City
Building No 8
Business Centre, Ground Floor.
Unit – E0119 P.O. Box 71104
Dubai, UAE
Telephone +(971) 4 3903232 / Mobile: 055 5680612 Email uaechapter@iaauae.org

Herve de Clerck

Herve de Clerck

AdForum Founder & ACT Dreamleader
Dagmara Szulce

Dagmara Szulce

Global Executive Director @ IAA Global, CEO/CMO Advisor, Speaker, Board Member
Thomas Kolster

Thomas Kolster

Mr. Goodvertising - post-purpose preacher, marketing & sustainability advisor, international keynote speaker & author
Isa Kurata

Isa Kurata

ACT Responsible Co-founder – in charge of Communications, Development, Partnership, ACT Responsible
Olga Martinez

Olga Martinez

CEO & Founder - About International Media - President at IAA Spain
Robert Haigh

Robert Haigh

Strategy and Sustainability Director
Kirsty Giordani

Kirsty Giordani

Executive Director at IAA UK
Anne Bahr Thompson

Anne Bahr Thompson

Purpose & Sustainability Advisor | Global Brand Strategist | Executive Leader & Board Director | Author Do Good, Award-Winning Thought Leader & Speaker
Andisa Ntsubane

Andisa Ntsubane

Africa Marketing Leader of the Year | Growth Strategist | Non Executive Director | 2021 IRG Global CMO 100 Champion
Martin Binder

Martin Binder

COO / Business Operations Manager Switzerland at Coca-Cola
Natalia Vega-Berry

Natalia Vega-Berry

Founder NewZeroWorld / Climate & Environmental Action/ Global Communications+Campaigns+Media / UN Strategic Advisor / WEB3/ D&AD Impact Council
Igor Kalenski

Igor Kalenski

CEO & Global e-Commerce Lead at MolecularBBDO | Arbiter at Advertising Ethics Committee | University of Warsaw Advisory Board Member | IAA VP | Res Publica Supervisory Board Member | Blockchain enthusiast
Stan Stalnaker

Stan Stalnaker

Founding Director and Chief Strategy Officer for Hub Culture | Ven | Ultra | AQUA | Gaia Land Rush
Valer Hancas

Valer Hancas

Corporate Affairs&Communication Director la Kaufland Romania & Moldova
Hugo De Almeida

Hugo De Almeida

Co-Owner na BestEmotions & Founder CEO and Sustainable Brands Ocean
Shariful Islam

Shariful Islam

Founder & Managing Director, Bangladesh Brand Forum, Founder, Innovation Conclave, CEO, Brandzeal

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