IAA | Leaders view 2023 forecast

In times of rapid change, IAA taps into its expert members in different sectors of the marketing communications industry from all around the world, to share their predictions for the year. In the next 2 months we’ll roll out the "IAA LeadersView Forecast 2023" campaign. Some of our most seasoned experts in the industry will share their take on what this year will bring and how brands should rethink their 2023 marketing strategies in response.

Please join our network and share your ideas on what type of expert advice you think we should share to help your business"

Sasan Saeidi

None of us are in the prediction business nor can we forecast to the dot. If we could predict tmrw’s business dynamics, we would have probably been doing something else as a profession and having lots of more time off. This notion should also keep us humble about our points of view.

But we are all in the business of brands, connections, and consumer marketing. We are in the business of people and creativity. And to this front, we can expect certain behaviors in 2023 based on the current demand curve formed from wider industry conglomerates and leaders. And if I were to create a playbook for 2023, here is what a few of those chapters will focus on:

  • From Data lakes to Delight: We are only going to become more reliant on first part data to create more relevant, comfortable, and appealing experiences for the consumer. So let’s get analyzing, let’s get smarter with the way we are breaking down the signals, and how we are using the signals of the data lake to delight. Delight = Conversion.

  • The tale of two streets: Marketers are more focused on short term Vs long term more than ever. Understandable that we need to think sales and share price all the time; but if we don’t sacrifice a little margin in the short term to invest in the long-term brand building; we will diminish brand health in the long run. Our marketing playbook should not be focused on wall street; it should be focused on high street and building B2B & B2C brands that are human.

  • Shaping the future of work: We need to help our industry talent to remain in love with brands; marketing and advertising and stay invested. Quite quitting, the growing talent drain and an uncertain future of work, fueled by the debate of remote Vs in-office are real challenges for business. But we are ultimately in the people business. We need to get creative with our future of work blueprints and its starts with empathy.

  • Be authentic & don’t be everything: Less is more in 2023. There is too much distraction out there and it’s not helping marketing. Brands are doing too many things; inconsistently and doing them badly. Let’s help brands focus on their reason for existence and ensure their playbook is governed by their singular value proposition.

Sasan Saeidi,

Chairman & World President,

IAA Global

We are proud to launch the IAA North Star campaign. As The Global Compass of Marketing Communications, we will help the communication industry navigate the implementation of the North Star values in their own company cultures. We will help them navigate by the Star. And like any real compass it will point us in the right direction. The North Star campaign captures the values of creativity, advocacy, education, collaboration, professional development, diversity, equity and inclusion, which will be our guide to transforming the marketing and communications industry into a more creative, innovative and inclusive industry.

Come One. Come All.

Andres Hernandez

Being a creative in New York City is something I always dreamed of while growing up in Colombia. As with any dream, however, it was not easy to achieve, but well worth the struggle. The Photography industry here overflows with talented artists from all over the world, which is what makes New York City so unique. As an immigrant from Latin America who faced all of the difficulties associated with being the first generation to come here, it has definitely been a challenge to try and rise through the ranks, but I know that I bring my individuality to the craft as do so many others. Diversity in the creative community is the magic that breeds new ideas. When I heard about the IAA campaign and its goal to promote diversity in the creative sector, not only did I identify with it, but also saw it as an opportunity to give back.

While having a conversation with Dagmara Szulce in a cab crossing New York City one day, we realized that we could join forces as like-minded individuals in creating the IAA campaign. As she told me about the purpose behind this new project, it quickly resonated with me and I jumped at the opportunity of working on something I’m truly passionate about. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot with so many extraordinary professionals.

Having lived and worked across the globe my entire life, my experience has taught me that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Being open to people from all walks of life creates opportunity beyond our wildest imagination. Our only obstacle is our own lack of vision and the ability to see beyond ourselves.

Carol Schuster

Business Information and Technology Advisor at Lafayette 148

The key to unlocking the power of diversity, equity and inclusion starts with improving one’s understanding about diversity, equity and inclusion issues and how you can implement them in practice. Whether it is a matter of hiring candidates from diverse or multicultural backgrounds, ensuring safe and non-discriminatory work environments, or fostering equal representation in the advertising industry, diversity and inclusion is relevant in different contexts. Below is a curated collection of diversity, equity and inclusion best practice resources to help you understand the issues and use these best practice tools to positively impact our workplace by making it more diverse and inclusive.

No one deserves to be treated unfairly based on the colour of their skin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability and more. Many minority groups often face discrimination and are marginalised in the workplace. Inclusion is important to make everyone feel valued and acknowledge how their differences contribute to the organisation. At IAA, we are dedicated to uplifting the voices of employees of diverse backgrounds and helping them feel safe and empowered in the workplace.

Diversity, equity and inclusion in communications contributes to higher levels of trust and loyalty when marketers take the time to meaningfully understand diverse customer groups in greater depth and drive inclusive representation. They represent strategic and competitive advantages which are not only essential to the bottom line of brands, but indicate the willingness of brands to go further and reflect the values and/or cultural beliefs of their customers. IAA seeks to empower brands to adopt diversity, equity and inclusion and leverage them to truly resonate with diverse audiences while obtaining a higher ROI.

Sebastian Bayer

Our work can only be as good as the talent that works in our industry. Let us make sure that we do everything to attract the best talent to the world of communication.

Sebastian Bayer,

CEO Scholz & Friends Wien

IAA Global

Sheba Nandkeolyar

More marketers will strive to make their marketing campaigns more diversity inclusive.Diversity, equity and inclusion will play a stronger role in defining marketing strategies for 2023.

Sheba Nandkeolyar,

VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

IAA Global

Alberto Dal Sasso

We are again in the middle of a polarized crisis age. People need trust, (love) brands and business leaders are expected to lead and show the way out. Brand activism is the new mantra.

Alberto Dal Sasso,

Past President,

IAA Italy

Dana Siomkos

Hiring and retention have been incredibly challenging and unpredictable for companies over the last three years, from layoffs and hiring freezes to the Great Resignation, salary transparency laws and the rise of remote work. Employers and Recruiters have had to be fast on their feet and ready to pivot...and pivot again...to adapt to the constantly evolving needs of companies and people. The good news is that we've been doing the hard work of innovating and, as a result, are poised to hit the ground running and achieve great growth and success in 2023

Dana Siomkos,

Founder & CEO, You and Them

IAA Global

Venanzio Camarra

Marketers have to face an uphill battle in coping with the uncertainty of the global economic landscape. They perceive tight budget constraints, and meeting customer expectations is more difficult than ever. Today modernizing tools and technologies, complying them with privacy regulations are the top priorities for marketers. Among the challenges remains the need to update obsolete technological systems and the effective use that follows in order to create a more consistent and continuous customer journey for consumers. Meeting customer expectations is made more difficult by both the headwinds of the global economy and the changing data privacy regulations dictated by a cookie-free future. The challenge is to identify the best customer experience initiatives by measuring KPIs in real time. At each stage of the marketing funnel, marketers need to monitor more and more metrics, so the speed of understanding KPIs will increasingly become a competitive advantage.

Venanzio Camarra,

IAA Global Treasurer

IAA Italy

Bharat Avalani

Brands that will inspire us to think about the future of our planet and aspire us to take action to be better version of ourselves will thrive.

Bharat Avalani,

Founder CEO Connecting the Dots

IAA Italy

Juan Ramon Plana

2023, will be the year when many blindfolds fall off and marketers understand the importance and opportunities offered by the Silver Economy. The senior target will finally have the relevance it deserves in modern marketing

Juan Ramon Plana,

Co-founder of Presidentex Senior Wisdom and member of the Board of Directors

IAA Spain

Pascal Cübb

As the most influent industry, we have a duty to commit ourselves, to take our responsibilities and to act, now. The time is no longer for transformation, we must make our mutation, to work sustainably towards a better world.

Pascal Cübb,


IAA France

Ameneh Atai

Diversity is the strongest source of creativity and growth

Ameneh Atai,

GM, Global Audience Measurement,

IAA Global

Alber Fernandez

Regardless of the unstoppable globalization, local flavor continues to be transcendental to operate in the different Latin American markets.We´re living in an era of comprehensive digital transformation. In LATAM, a real change is taking place in the paradigm of how companies address their strategic, commercial and communication needs.Hispanic markets are capitalizing on much of the change thanks to their creativity, relevance and focus.

Alber Fernandez,

Vice President/Area Director,

Latin America

Jeff Greenbaum

Advertisers around the world are going to be hearing more from regulators about avoiding the use of ‘dark patterns’ in their marketing, which are online design practices that trick or manipulate users into making choices they would not have otherwise have made

Jeff Greenbaum,

Managing Partner,

Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC

Dagmara Szulce

Brands are realizing the climate crisis will pose a much bigger pressure on businesses than anything they have experienced before. Investors and consumers will prefer businesses with the right environmental and social credentials, and buying trends are increasingly being driven by conscious consumers who prioritize factors such as ecological impact and sustainability when choosing who to buy from or do business with

Dagmara Szulce,

Managing Director,

IAA Global

Cristiano Cominotto

MP AThe three trends of Legal in ADV for 2023 1) It will be essential to understand how the market will react to the trend of layoffs that have hit big tech. 2) For data Protection, it will be necessary to pay attention to the implications associated with the development of AI. 3) It will be essential to standardize contracts by managing regulatory diversity in business.

Cristiano Cominotto,

MP A.L. Assistenza Legale,

IAA Global

Marianna Ghirlanda

The communication culture is an opportunity to build authentic and lasting relationships with consumers, based on transparency, creativity and integrity

Marianna Ghirlanda,

CEO DLVBBDO and President IAA Italy Chapter,

IAA Global

Davide Baldi

In this period of collective orgasm for the technological evolution, ML and AI, the future of communication is a delicate balance between the latest advancements and the importance of human ideas and relationships. As we strive for more efficient and accessible methods of connecting and communicating, it's vital to keep the centrality of personal connections and human interactions at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

Davide Baldi,


IAA Global

Francisco Bernabé

The beginning of the year is being hard for the Advertising industry and it will continue like this for some time, but we have a great opportunity to demonstrate that optimising the investing in Advertising during difficult times makes the difference. It helps customers, business and the industry. It's time to be brave

Francisco Bernabé,

Regional VP Sales EMEA,


Douglas Palau

Imagination trumps derivation. Exceptional, unfathomable human creativity is the industry’s most valuable asset. Nurture, cherish, promote.

Douglas Palau,

IAA Global Area VP Middle East. Managing Consultant - Vitamin C Group,

Dubai, UAE

Fredrik Borestrom

We all know that in times of economic downturn and turmoil, it can be tempting to cut back on marketing and advertising efforts in order to save money. However, this could be a major mistake. Now more than ever, it is important to maintain and even increase your brand's visibility in order to stay top of mind with consumers and use marketing to drive future sales and future cash flow.

Fredrik Borestrom,

Director, International Agency EMEA & LATAM at LinkedIn, President of the IAA UK & Senior Vice President IAA Global

IAA Global

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