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Dealing with Data Privacy Regulations

Never done a Privacy check? Here's why you should do it before it's too late.

Many governments consider that privacy is important, and they formulate data protection laws and policies to safeguard those rights.

Data privacy plays an essential role in the data protection segment. The businesses use their consumers' data by collecting, using, and sharing them with third parties by meeting the regulatory requirements while protecting their data confidentiality.

But in recent years, data privacy cases recorded a tremendous increase in cyber attacks that resulted in personal data breaches, leaked financial data, compromised intellectual property and Security protocols that gave rise to mass exploitation.

In 2019, the US alone suffered from 1400+ cyberattack cases that exposed 164.68 million sensitive records and raised enough concerns for the governments to impart strengthening laws and robust policies to protect consumer privacy rights.

In response to this vulnerable damage, the California state came up with the CCPA compliance (California Consumer Privacy Act) that now acts as a counter defensive firewall for all privacy-related issues.

In this article, we will walk you step by step to provide a brimming clarity on topics like, 

  •  What is California privacy law?

  • What are the new California privacy act regulations to revamp your privacy policies?

  • How to get CCPA compliance for your business?

  • Which is the best CCPA software to help you rescue from this technical jargon? 

Let's get started with the California privacy law.

What is CCPA?