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How to sustain your business after the corona virus pandemic
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IAA LeadersView: How to sustain and grow amidst the COVID-19 storm

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How to sustain and grow amidst the COVID-19 storm

As the COVID-19 is reshaping our industry and lives as we speak, we felt it was important to connect with leaders representing different sectors of Marketing Communications, around the world to get a sense of how they’re dealing with their businesses, employees, operations to keep the business going, while keeping the morale high.

Responses have been pouring in from different parts of the world so we decided to launch a digital campaign to fulfill our mission and serve as the Global Compass of the MARCOM industry. We feel the industry needs some positive inputs and energy more than ever, as many of the businesses would need to readjust their corporate agendas in the immediate term.

Please reach out to us with more suggestions on what are the most pressing issues you need advice on from other leaders.

Srinivasan Swamy, Chairman and World President, IAA Global

“This is for the first time, in known human history that a pandemic as virulent has hit possibly every country of the world. But this too shall pass. We should use this period to plan an aggressive marketing strategy to build volumes quickly once the countries open up. This is akin to the first mover advantage, to capture a high market share. How ready will you be to take advantage of the opportunity?”

Maher Nasser, Director, Outreach Division Department of Global Communications & Commissioner-General of the UN at Expo 2020, United Nations
"The COVID-19 crisis has exposed weaknesses in health systems, social protections and public services. It has also exacerbated inequalities that exist in our societies and underscored the need for everyone to come together in solidarity. As the world slowly starts to open and we resume our lives, we need a marketing industry that is based on sustainability. The world cannot afford a quick return to business as usual. Leaders in general and business leaders in particular need to rethink a new way forward, a path that builds more inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and other global challenges. A path based on the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. Recovery is an opportunity to rebuild better"

Antonio Lucio, CMO of Facebook

“The most important thing we can do as an industry in challenging times like these is to be resilient and have faith in the purpose, abilities and capabilities of the teams around us”