IAA Polska organizes the first interactive Reality Re + Creators discussion panel

Nearly 100 managers representing advertisers, agencies, and the media participated in an interactive panel. They discussed if maintaining a partnership between advertisers, agencies, and media was possible in the pandemic and post-pandemic time.


In the first part of the event, representatives of stakeholders presented three sets of views and expectations related to the reality shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Izabela Albrychiewicz (CEO, GroupM Poland) and Jacek Olechowski (President, Mediacap) presented agencies' perspective. Beata Golubinska (Managing Director at the Ringier Axel Springer Poland advertising office) and Andrzej Karasowski (Director of Premium TV, TVN Media) spoke on behalf of the media. Last but not least, Michał Szaniecki (Managing Director SEAT & Cupra at Volkswagen Group, Poland) talked about the current dilemmas that marketers were facing. 


All panelists agreed that focusing on activities aimed only at maintaining the business is a mistake because the pandemic is a time of challenges and opportunities equally. 


Jacek Olechowski said that an effective way of functioning in the new reality should be developed, as, after almost a quarter, it was no longer a state of emergency, it was business as usual. According to Izabela Albrychiewicz, establishing partnerships with advertisers and media today was the right move as this investment would pay off in the future. She also said that the first symptoms of a negative trend reversal were visible. 


Beata Golubińska and Andrzej Karasowski did not fully share an optimistic view of the upcoming months. However, they saw an opportunity in a new offer and an efficiency-based settlement model. The change in consumer behavior has proved very beneficial for the entire e-commerce sector actively promoted by the media.


Finally, Michał Szaniecki talked about the difficult choices that advertisers had to make. Shall we cut the media budget and risk losing the market share? Shall we reduce the marketing team and face an increasing workload with limited resources? Shall we lower salaries and try to maintain high-level motivation in such challenging conditions? According to Mr. Szaniecki, conducting a transparent, internal, and external dialogue was crucial to overcoming the crisis in a state that enables further development.


The future starts today, so let's shape it actively. This thought reflected in the statements of numerous participants connected with the studio in the second part of the panel. For IAA Poland and the Emlab (S/F Group) agency, shaping reality was to take advantage of new technology and enable a genuine dialogue between participants in social distancing time.


Thanks to the solution provided by our Partner, IAA Poland could freely exchange views on the issues discussed by panelists. Some of the discussants used the chat to share their views and opinions; others preferred to ask questions directly using their own devices equipped with microphones and cameras.


The form of an interactive panel has proved to be useful in developing a joint position of three stakeholders' groups on such vital matters as the change of cooperation model and maintaining the partnership in the new reality.    


Emlab (S/F Group) was a technology partner of the Reality Re+Creators interactive panel.

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