IAA India Launches Let's Advertise initiative

While many brands have gone silent at this time of the pandemic, the International Advertising Association (IAA) is trying to tell them it is not the time to slow down. But the right time to push their products and services through various media outlets. Such corrective measures will help revive demand and IAA is conveying this message in their own style.

“Revival of demand is critical for the economy and advertising is a way to go,” said IAA Chairman and World President, Srinivasan Swamy, who is behind a multimedia communication campaign to reignite the need to advertise. This campaign will be a month-long initiative, which will be carried out in partnership with GroupM.

He added marketing investments provide maximum returns. “And it is a well-known fact that advertising provides the vital impetus to the economic engine of every nation.”

Adding to this, Ramesh Narayan, Founder of Canco Advertising, “This campaign is all about rekindling the old magic to revive the economy.” He added, “In best of times, it pays to advertise. In the worst of times, you have to advertise. Many brands who go dark at such times, pay the price for it afterwards.” 

Narayan suggested brands should not postpone their advertising decisions, as it is not the right move. At such times, it is more than important to stay in touch with the audience, reminded Narayan. 

While some brands are still very cautious about advertising, there are others who understand the value of advertising and have already started using this tool to revive demand for their products and services. “Once the restrictions around e-commerce sites are completely removed, there will be demand uptake. So, brands should not ideally refrain from advertising as it is time to garner more visibility.”

It is found that despite being hard hit by the pandemic, automobile and other white good segments have started to look at advertising yet again. Swamy added through this campaign, the association is looking at tapping the fence-sitters.

The campaign will be launched first on television channels, mostly general entertainment channels and movie channels. Post which, the campaign will be published in print and run on other outlets.

Source: Free Press Journal India