IAA India helps storm affected people in India

The Covid-19 pandemic, apart from the human toll, has also led to a loss of wealth and livelihood. The Indian states of West Bengal Odisha were struck by cyclone Amphan

Committed to its ethos of showing that communication is a force for good, the IAA India Chapter created a campaign to focus attention on the need to contribute and help rehabilitate the affected people.

“Bengal and Odisha are reeling under the double whammy of Covid and the cyclone. Rana Barua immediately agreed to help and working through the weekend, Bobby Pawar created the creative magic,” said Ramesh Narayan, Area Director APAC, IAA.

A TVC in the making will soon be released, and the campaign will have its presence on print, TV and social media.

The campaign is targeted at large cities where the chances for donation are higher.

Highlights from the campaign: