IAA Egypt host webinar on Importance of Data Analytics

Continuing with the series of "Meet The Expert"  MTE, monthly  sessions, IAA Egypt Chapter, held a one hour webinar, on Thursday, June 18th by addressing The Importance of Data Analytics especially at the  time  of Covid-19 pandemic where many businesses are more and more dependent on  digital  marketing  and struggling  to cope  with the rapid change and looking forward to get the right analytics to continue their business successfully.

The panelists  were:

Mostafa A/Ghamrah, CEO, MediaSci & Big Brother Analytics,

May Gad, Marketing Director, Misr Italia Properties

Ahmed Nazmy, CEO, The Board Consulting

The experts in their respective fields of business, shared live examples and real situations to answer the important questions as; What is good data? How do we know it is good? Where do we get it from? Can we depend on social media analytics? How do you use data analytics for strategy and planning? and How can AI today be useful to the Marcom industry?

The panellists tapped on the fact that plentiful data points are collected every day on the digital platforms with a lot of fake news.  With the right knowledge and techniques of content validation, verification of data, the data is trimmed down to the 20% of data that can be considered good, reliable data.

The panelists also highlighted the difference between asking and listening; when collecting data.

Field work and traditional research can be hindered by cultural factors, the way questions are posed and their interpretation.

Digital data, can get more accurate, select the right target segment, collect the right leads, get lots of insights, optimizing and optimizing again and getting the right analytics that can lead to bringing costs down, adjusting strategies and planning ahead.

In some cases, it is recommended that marketers combine both traditional and digital data to get more concrete findings.Envisioning the future through AI is simply the technology of training the machine, it is based on mimicking the human brain by creating nodes that gather the buyer behavior over time then, this machine starts to build by itself the algorithm in order to predict what is going to happen in similar cases afterwards.

By monitoring and predicting what would happen in the future, AI helps professionals better, faster and more accurately meeting & satisfying the consumer needs and wants.


The entire session can be viewed on the IAA Content Hub

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