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Saveluc Andreea, IAA Romania Young Professionals Member

Influencers from the future

Virtual influencers will become those who will make the famous models just a memory

Seems to be a scenario from a Science Fiction movie but many brands started to give up influencers like models, singers or other kinds or celebrities for a “safe” alternative.

By “unsafe” I mean those multiple scandals in which a “traditional” influencer is involved or might be involved. Either it is a big or a small scandal, the image of the brand can be affected, and the process of “healing” is longer and expensive. When we speak about a real influencer, we also speak about some dishonest “tricks” that one can use in order to obtain a big number of followers. In the category of “tricks” we must include fake followers and bots used in order to grow the chances of a collaboration with a brand.

Before we start to speak about the benefits of using a virtual influencer, is important to keep in mind what an influencer is, and after that we can focus our attention on this new type of influencer.


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