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Tom Doctoroff

Why traditional media isn’t dying — and four other myths of the digital era dispelled

A few years ago, at the Cannes advertising festival, the chair of the judging panel for cyber creative began his opening remarks by declaring, “We are no longer creative people. We are inventors!” I found this proclamation, a portent of my own obsolescence, disconcerting.

In fact, many of us suffer from the disorientation wrought by technological change. Convention has been upended, and the digital world — a universe of bits and bytes, atomistic fragmentation that mocks tradition — is all variables, no constants.

CEOs look to the digital beast itself for salvation, intoxicated by new ways to maximize return on investment. But, contrary to conventional wisdom, “traditional” conceptual thinking is still fundamental to marketing.

Our new mandate: to achieve harmony between timeless brand building truth and the opportunities unleashed by digital technology.


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