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Giurgiu Anton, IAA Romania Young Professionals Member

Decision making and marketing

So, why would we need decisions in our field? What would be the link between decision making and marketing? What sort of benefit would this bring, judging the fact that our strategy is well built, and in line with our proposed objectives?

In his book, Matthew Willcox - "Marketing to Consumer Instincts", refers to research into how people make decisions. Many of the processes that lead to decisions are made at an unconscious level, and often, people in relation to these processes start from their "subconscious".

From Freud and Jung to nowadays, this word still represents an ambiguous approach to cognitive research. Psychology and neuroscience have abandoned the term "subconscious" in favor of the unconscious and pre-conscious terms.

"The term "unconscious" makes me think of people who are not only unaware of their cognitive processes, but also, they pretty much unaware of anything."- Matthew Willcox

People usually think that their decisions are made due to consciousness, but they arise because of the two cognitive mechanisms which control the information filters and the cognitive error network:


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