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Carla Michelotti, Vice President - Self-Regulation and Government Affairs

Advertising Self-Regulation, the New ICC Marketing Code, and the IAA

Since its earliest days, the IAA has been a strong advocate of free, responsible and truthful, commercial speech. All IAA members can claim with great pride that supporting and enforcing the integrity of commercial communication, in all forms, and in all media, has long been one of IAA’s foundational principles

Meaningful, effective, and efficient advertising self-regulation, enforced by an objective and independent self-regulatory organization, is critical to establish and defend credible, responsible and truthful commercial communication.

The IAA supports and advocates for the advancement of meaningful and effective advertising self-regulation. It is increasingly necessary in this evolving media world of bots, transparency demands, ad fraud and privacy concerns, that all communication professionals truly understand and support the importance of self-regulation.


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