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Tom Doctoroff

China’s Post 95 Generation: New Dreams, New Doubts

Young Chinese enjoy more freedom – of expression, of career choices, of lifestyle alternatives -- than any generation in the country’s history. Yes, the government is increasingly authoritarian – Winnie the Pooh is banned because of his likeness to President Xi Jinping – but economic and technological opportunities have ushered in an era of unprecedented empowerment.

However, the combination of limitations inherent Confucian regimentation and the lack of role models to “show me the way forward” has resulted in underlying anxiety about the future, ones obfuscated by obvious material progress. This article offers four broad strategies to resolve this tension.

Post 95s: A Powerful Economic Force

There are more than 250 million Chinese born after 1995, making this cohort the “fifth largest country” in the world.


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